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Meet the artists of Unburied

Unburied, our latest gallery exhibit, features the art of four individuals. Check out the following bios on the artists and pictures from the installation. Information Can be found here, on the event page.

Isabel Cureux: A mixed-media sculptor and painter, Isabel Cureux creates an experience for each viewer through manipulation of senses and environment. Her art challenges the audience to see their own experiences through the filter of each piece and begs the question “what happened here?” Isabel studied various art mediums at VCU in Richmond and with Wells College in Paris.

Naphtali Ginsberg: Compulsion drives Naphtali Ginsberg to engage in the artistic process, to focus her intention to heal herself, and to push the limits of those around her. Utilizing mixed, multi-sensory, and often unexpected media, her art represents not just the final product but the process she has put herself through in making it. Her pieces contain secrets, layers of art hidden underneath, interwoven among the visible, creeping out to speak to us with a vulnerable, sincere voice. Naphtali earned a Bachelor of Music degree from the Catholic University of America and a Master of Science degree in Arts Administration from Boston University.

Marcus Ellison: To create something that makes us feel and leaves an impact. To create something that we as humans are able to connect to in some way that brings forth intense emotion. Whether it’s through elation, anger, shock, or sorrow, Marcus Ellison strives to strike a chord with viewer’s that leads to introspection, conversation or even some form of closure. A fan of film since childhood, Marcus plans to use the visual medium that he loves so much to affect a positive change in the world.

Donald Harris Jr: “Art isn’t talent, it’s a skill you must work at everyday. The more time and energy you give it, the more power it gives you”

Donald Harris Jr., a Maryland resident, is a multifaceted artist producing work in digital painting, design, illustration, and game development. Graduating from Towson University with a BS in Computer Science and minor in Art, he strives to blend the two fields together. He takes pride in producing artwork that tells a story and invokes curiosity from the viewer.

And Just added…

Rebecca Hiles:

Rebecca Hiles is a writer and sex educator called The Frisky Fairy. She uses art as a medium to express her struggles with cancer and her mental health when she is unable to verbalize her feelings. Her work deconstructs her feminism, and her frustration with her personal identity. You can read her other work at www.friskyfairy.com


A multi-talented creative, who thinks outside of the box in all mediums, having already left his mark on Fashion, Photography, Movies and Music. Never stunned by opposing views or harsh remarks, Kid looks beyond himself and transcends borders in order to bring something to the people they can both enjoy and identify with. In short, Kid is more than a dreamer, he’s a man of action. His end game: Make brilliant art that feeds his family and the world at large, a young modern day Prometheus. Listen to the audio for Kid’s piece here.

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