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Fest Too: Visualizing Change > Inspiring Action

The Call: We Contend that art is active and possesses a power to set the mind and soul in motion. Art has the ability to provoke viewers to question themselves, their environment, and their purpose. Art motivates internal change, stirs up emotion and sneaks into your dreams and imagination. At it's best, art inspires action outside the gallery walls, moving into the community and challenging the world. What do you see? What moves you? What challenges your assumptions? Ask yourself, "What potential does my art have to move people?" Imagine, and dare to inspire action outside the gallery walls. Participating Artists: Tori Lane, Bud Hensgen, Lynn Heiser, Monija Belizaire, Dienna Howard, Rusty Lynn, Cosima Storz, Cynthia Farrell Johnson, Nancy Newman, Alan Parker, Dani Paulson, Heather McPherson, Alyssa Anne Hadley, Theresa Kulstead

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  • Fest Too: Visualizing Change > Inspiring Action

    05/13/2013 - 07/04/2013
    12:00 AM