Exploring the Intersection of Art, Faith and the Human experience


Creation/Destruction/Creation was a show featuring the art of local artists Pamela Underhill and Rusty Lynn. In this experimental program the artists combine, destroy, and transform diverse elements to make three-dimensional images through a technique known as "Image Play" originated by the Open Studio Project. Having roots in spiritual meditation, it offers a way to "look and listen" to the objects. By letting go of the inner critic, the artists are able to listen to the raw information presented to them including objects, colors, and textures. Rusty's collages have a 3-D element from playing with a variety of intriguing papers, colors and objects. Pamela's works are created from found and made objects that have contrasting histories creating dynamic relationships.  

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  • Creation/Destruction/Creation

    01/11/2013 - 02/24/2013
    All Day