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Rising, Glenn Howell

In All Things – Glenn Howell Exhibit

Exhibit September 2 - October 29, 2016
Artist's Reception: September 16, 2016 7-9 PM
Gallery open Fridays 10AM-5PM and Saturdays 10AM-4PM and by appointment.
Please call 703-998-6260

In All Things
"I make art to communicate my sense of wonder. Light and time are intrinsic to photography and can become metaphors of spiritual experiences. Because it is a recording mechanism as well as a manipulable medium, photography has the ability to "translate" the spiritual aspects of the physical world. I believe light is something that is present in both the spiritual and physical dimensions. As a Christian, I've become aware of His presence in the things I "see" in my life that allude to what is 'unseen'."

Triptych 3, Glenn Howell

"Glenn Howell is able to give to the simplest image – a plumb line, a scarred finger, the stripes on pavement, a rose, a splash of water – a meaning far beyond what descriptive words can convey. One can only say, “Look, see, take the gifts that he offers. They are rich indeed.” The fruits of Glenn's discerning and probing eye brings a joy of discovery. His work quietly expands our ideas of the natural and the spiritual worlds as he finds images that sit on the boundaries of both. Suddenly one is confronted with a heightened knowledge of the human condition. Therefore these photographs are high art by any standard." - Edward Knippers, June. 2015

See images of Glenn Howell's work at www.gohowell.com

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Linen, Glenn Howell

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