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Letters, Words, Stories

Letters, Words, Stories: Artist's Books & Mixed Media by Sushmita Mazumdar What can a single letter say to you? What mis-spoken words from your childhood do you still remember? Are there colors that remind you of home? We all have stories to tell - stories about our lives, our feelings, things we have seen and heard, even a dream or a fantasy. And those stories can come in many forms. But often people don't think their stories are important enough to be shared or celebrated. In the show Letters, Words, Stories, and interactive installation of everyday stories celebrated as art, Sushmita Mazumdar shares her stories through writing, collages, and mixed media. Her stories are from a wide variety of experiences and will appeal to many - children, adults, immigrants, women, grandfathers, travelers, and even history buffs.

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  • Letters, Words, Stories

    12/04/2012 - 01/06/2013
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