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Imagination = Transformation

Exploring Anita Breitenberg’s new illustrated gospel series –

If you’ve ever wondered why there are four different accounts of the same story, how and why they differ and what Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were really up to come explore with us this summer. Anita Breitenberg’s colorful, surprising, sometimes playful and often challenging images will awaken your imagination and help you experience the gospels in a fresh and vibrant way by making the differences in tone, style and intent pop off the page.

Whether you’ve grown up hearing the gospel stories or have never made it past the first few passages, adding this visual and imaginative element to your reading will open up the Bible making its depth and relevance more accessible.

Sundays at 5:00 PM in the Gallery at Convergence.

June 8 – July 9 Matthew 25:14-30

WAY BACK!, Anita Breitenberg

The story of Jesus is rooted in history. The story of Jesus transforms our story.

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