Exploring the Intersection of Art, Faith and the Human experience

Convergence is…

con.ver.gence (noun):a coming together from different directions, especially a uniting or merging of groups or tendencies seemingly opposed or very different.

Creativity and spirituality connecting

At Convergence people find a home to explore the deepest parts of themselves. We believe that all people are creative and that art making is a deeply spiritual practice. We are at our best when we work with the power of intentionality and alignment with a higher purpose. Wherever you are on your creative and spiritual journey, Convergence is a supportive  place for you to explore, find encouragement and challenge along the way.

Encouraging creative risk.

Our priority is to foster creativity and collaboration by providing an atmosphere open to trying, risking and even failing. This is a place you can come and try something regardless of the result. We champion artistic freedom believing the process leads us towards a more authentic and meaningful life while opening the floodgates for great art.

Diverse individuals creating community.

Convergence is a made up of people from all walks of life, ages and backgrounds who are able to belong, feel valued, contribute and be themselves. While a Christian church hosts Convergence, our community is made up of people with different faiths (and none). We are people with diverse life experiences who share a common call to community, creative expression and spiritual curiosity.

Real people living real lives.

At Convergence people with “real” Washington, DC lives have found a place to nurture and integrate their creative right brain talents and urgings. We aren’t pressured to have our lives or spirituality “all figured out.” Instead, intentional space is given for honesty and the messiness of life. It is a place for people to be real with themselves and others in the midst of living real life in a creative and vibrant way.

Kindling dreams, passion and purpose.

For many of us, Convergence has been a place to find the “missing puzzle piece.” Through groups, activities, art making  and conversation people are offered the opportunity for healing and development that leads to action. Together, we embark on an imaginative search for meaning and significance in our world that kindles a passion and commitment to making our world a better place.

Convergence is… YOU!