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Taize Prayer

Second Sunday of every month, 5:00 pm in the Sanctuary.

“Taize.” The word itself conjures up images of quiet and contemplation, of ancient history and simple relevance. Born out of a desire to live out the essential elements of faith that gives and serves, the Taize community in France models a style of worship and community that is drawing thousands to experience contemplation and cultural reconciliation.

Once a month we meet to enter into an intentional rhythm of song, scripture, silence and communal prayer. Silence has long been a part of spiritual practice, and is a welcome refuge here in the frenetic energy associated with the Washington, DC Metro area. Our lives are consumed by noise and updates and opinions and tasks, and we often insulate ourselves against a noisy internal dialogue because we are afraid of what might be discovered in silence.

For those who can enter into a shared silence, the benefits are exponential. The community serves to build a safe, fertile space for this intimate experience of prayer and reflection. We discover more of God and ourselves in this encounter and leave knowing a deeper, truer connection to a God is expansive enough to supply all of our needs and is small enough to meet with us in stillness and quiet.

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