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CRAVE Dinner


CRAVE 4 was a huge success! Thank you to our over 30 volunteers, wonderful presenters and 90+ attendees. Our goal this time around was to begin turning CRAVE over to volunteers and we are thrilled with the results!

If you would like to volunteer to be a part of the CRAVE team send us an email. We’d love your help changing the way arts funding happens!

Follow CRAVE on Facebook and check out photos from past events.

WHEN IS THE NEXT CRAVE DINNER? Keep watching this space for the next CRAVE date. We are looking to branch out in Spring 2016 in a totally new space. Do you know of a great community organization or venue where we could host CRAVE? Send us an email with your suggestions.


CRAVE (Creating Resources for Artistic Vision and Engagement) is the only micro-granting dinner in the DMV designed to support creative projects inspired by the arts, to engage and benefit our local community.


For a $15 donation you get a tasty, yet simple meal and a vote. You can also submit a proposal for your creative project, or volunteer to help make soup!


Prior to dinner, four presenters have five minutes each to share an idea for a project on anything from art, community engagement, creative and social entrepreneurship to education and technology. Then we eat, connect, ask questions, share resources, and most importantly, vote on the project for which the grant will be awarded. At the end of the evening, ballots are tallied and those with the most votes, is awarded a micro-grant, made up of the donations you made to participate in CRAVE.  The award is made on-the-spot.


This approach opens up funding and resource opportunities for artists and creators who don’t fit neatly into often times limited arts funding categories.  It also encourages experimental, expressive content that will lead to community involvement and thereby, a greater understanding of the arts in our society.


Coming together for a meal, engaging in conversation and deriving new means to support creative projects is our goal.  We seek to cultivate new supporters and patrons of the arts. CRAVE is a means by which to encourage the role of artists and art making in our community as social and civic engagement, rendering it more accessible.

Each proposal will be reviewed by the CRAVE panel and rated on the following four elements:

  • Artistic merit
  • Community engagement
  • Innovation
  • A well-articulated project narrative

You may submit 5-10 images along with your proposal in JPG format. If you would like to submit video, you may do so in MOV or MP4 format. The complete proposal should include the following components:

  • Project Narrative: Describe your project and how it will benefit your community.
  • Short Bio: Tell us about yourself!
  • Proposed Budget: How will you be using the funds to reach your project goal?
  • Proposed Timeline: What are the steps in realizing your proposal?

If your proposal is selected by the panel, you will be required to attend the CRAVE dinner and give a 3-5 minute presentation about your project. No technology will be available for your presentation; however, you are more than welcome to bring print materials, posters, etc. The presentation should include the following:

  • Personal introduction and background
  • Project description
  • How you feel this project will engage and benefit the community

What types of projects may be submitted?

The sky is the limit, so long as the project is rooted in art, innovation, and will benefit the local community.



CRAVE is sponsored by a partnership between the Torpedo Factory and the Convergence Arts Initiative


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  1. Danabh says:

    CRAVE #4 Submissions for Proposals are up live now until September 12th 2015! Get yours in ASAP.
    Have a question about the proposal process? Feel free to email danabh@ourconvergence.org

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