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Celebration Gathering

Fourth Sunday of every month, 5:00 pm in the Lab.

The Bible is full of stories about meals and feasts and banquets, of people eating together and of God preparing food for his people. In the New Testament, Jesus is constantly eating. He eats with his followers, his friends and family. He shares meals with crowds and outcasts. In fact, he seems to accept any invitation to a meal. Spending time with Jesus, eating a meal, is an act of worship.

When we sit down together at the table with our neighbors and dig into one another’s lives; sharing stories and testifying to the way God is at work in our lives, committing ourselves once again to loving one another the way he has taught us to love; that is also a holy act. In that context a meal becomes holy worship.

Come as you are for a soup, salad and bread dinner. Join us in worship. You are welcome at this table.

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