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As we look towards the fall season, the Convergence team understands the importance of bringing in fresh young minds to help us expand out vision. We are looking for creative, driven students to help us with our social media and communications by working on with outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, blog writing, website edits, and photography.   Interns will work directly with our Community Coordinator Dan ABH, and New Media Associate Joshua Williams.


Our program includes exposure to all aspects of running a multidisciplinary arts center as well as an individualized component where the intern is invited to develop a creative project for Convergence. In addition to participating in our day to day life, the intern is given a mentor to work with in researching, budgeting, planning and developing their project. Some projects are then implemented.


In the Spring of 2013, Emma Bartley, Julia Beiro and Hayden Arp developed projects to create a quarterly magazine for Convergence, a bi-annual CD featuring musicians who record and perform in the Lab and a strategy to use more social media to connect with a larger audience. These projects from fresh minds help Convergence be more aware of the needs and resources in our community. During the summer of 2014, intern Avni Kacker was an invaluable part of the team, thanks cannot convey how grateful we were for her work. You can read more about her work and experiences on her reflection blog, Theres Nothing Like it.


If you are interested in joining the convergence team this Summer, be sure to check out the internship listing.  Interested candidates should send resume to Dan ABH at danabh@ourconvergence.org

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