Exploring the Intersection of Art, Faith and the Human experience


The mission of the Church at Convergence is to be a catalyst for the holistic integration of faith, life and work for those pursuing a deeper relationship with Christ by unleashing our imagination and creativity in prayer, discipleship, whole-life worship, intentional community, calling, and a life of service.

If you are used to a different sort of church experience we might seem a little odd at first. We meet weekly at 5:00 pm in different locations on campus and create very distinct kinds of worship gatherings. It isn’t unusual to hear someone from the congregation ask a question or challenge a point in the middle of a sermon and sometimes there is no sermon at all!

Worship Gatherings

In our Bible Study Gathering we often play games, act out Bible stories, draw, discuss and write poetry. In the Taize Prayer Gathering, we sit in silence, sing songs and pray. In our monthly Celebration Gathering we eat, laugh, share stories  and communion around the table. This is practice for what we call “whole-life worship.”


In addition to these gatherings, people are invited to participate in discipleship groups to grow deeper in their faith and closer to one another.

For more information on our history, beliefs and exploration see the FAQ section of our website and our blogs.

Wanna learn more? Checkout our extensive FAQ section online!


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