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LAA Open Mic

LAA Open Mic Music Exchange is currently on hiatus for the time being. Check back for more details during 2015.

LAA Open Mic Music Exchange started in September 2010 as the first initiative of the Lab All Ages. Still our most consistent and growing offering, what sets the LAA Open Mic Music Exchange from others is not only our focus on all-ages but also the strong collaboration and acceptance that happens within the community.  Every person attending, visiting or performing is supported and welcomed.

In addition to the open mic, you can trade, swap, or sell Distro, vinyl, cd’s, music gear and equipment, bring fliers & zines, meet other people within the community and scene, make contacts, promote, etc.

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*All material performed must be suitable for an all ages audience. We strive for all to respect the space and most importantly each other. We do not censor material or artists but expect participants to respect one another. Offensive, degrading or harmful material that could make someone feel unwelcome in our community doesn’t belong here.

Wanna learn more? Checkout our extensive FAQ section online!

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